Suburban Thunder Sounds So Real

Because it is real!


Suburban Thunder was recorded with the thunderstorm directly overhead.

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Frequently asked questions about Suburban Thunder:



Q: Is there any music on this recording?


A: No music whatsoever. Suburban Thunder is a documentary recording which only has the sounds of a severe thunderstorm. No music, human voices or anything else. Just an hour long Central Florida summer thunderstorm.



Q: What if the CD arrives damaged?


A: F7 Sound and Vision will replace any damaged or factory-defective Suburban Thunder CD with a new one. To arrange for a replacement, all you have to do is contact me via phone or email and send me back the damaged/defective CD. I'll send you a new one.



Q: How long does it take to get my CD?


A: F7 Sound and Vision ships all orders placed by 3pm eastern time the same day. This excludes orders placed on weekends and holidays, which will ship the following business day. I can ship overnight via FedEx for an additional fee. CDs are shipped via US Postal and generally get to their USA and Canada destinations within 4 - 5 business days. Orders to the UK, Europe, and Australia generally arrive in 6 - 12 business days.



Q: How many thunderstorms are on the CD?


A: Only one. That's one of the things that makes Suburban Thunder so special. It was a recording of a single thunderstorm. There's lots of lightning and all kinds of thunder from rolling to very close "explosive" thunder claps. The whole storm lasted over an hour and no thunder (rolling or claps) is ever repeated.



Q: Can I use Suburban Thunder to help train my dog not to be afraid of lightning and thunder?


A: Lots of people have purchased Suburban Thunder for this specific reason. I have heard (and read) that some people suggest using the sounds of a thunderstorm at low volumes to help condition a dog to not fear thunderstorms. If your vet suggests that you try exposing your dog to a recorded thunderstorm, then try Suburban Thunder. It is possibly the best recorded severe thunderstorm available.

Suburban Thunder

Production Notes:


Suburban Thunder was recorded, edited and mastered by Michael Oster at F7 Sound and Vision in Tampa, Florida.


Recorded with a high-resolution digital system, Suburban Thunder features amazing sound quality.


Edited and mastered with a Digidesign Pro Tools 24 Mix system and Apogee AD-8000 24 bit digital converters.

Dogs afraid of thunderstorms? This was news to me. As a child my family had several dogs and I don't remember any that had fears of thunder or went crazy during a storm (and I'm from Florida where we have our share of thunderstorms).



Since 1999, when I released Suburban Thunder, I've become aware of terms like "thunderstorm anxiety" and had lots of people contact me who were looking for realistic recordings of thunderstorms for their dogs. And Suburban Thunder is that - an hour-long, professional quality CD of a severe thunderstorm raging near Tampa, Florida.



I made the recording with the slow moving storm overhead and all around me. At points the lightning strikes were hitting well within 100 feet of my microphones. This perspective is faithfully recreated in Suburban Thunder.

Why All The Noise About Suburban Thunder?




AMAZING SOUND: People have been raving about Suburban Thunder since it was first released in 1999! It sounds so real because it was recorded with the storm overhead - other CDs don't come close.



FEATURE FILM QUALITY: A 4 time Oscar Winning sound engineer licensed Suburban Thunder's thunderclaps to appear in the blockbuster movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest".



INTENSE THUNDER STRIKES: Sound so real... remember, they ARE real... even vets and professional animal trainers have used Suburban Thunder to help condition dogs not to fear thunderstorms.



HELP FOR YOUR DOG: Suburban Thunder has been used as a tool to help desensetize dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms. Vets and animal trainers alike have recommended this recording for your fearful companions.

Some Comments on Suburban Thunder:



"Man...let me give you my highest compliments...because I have my ears very very very trained to thunder sounds and I quickly know when a thunder clap doesn't sound real....believe me....i been in hundreds of thunderstorms....and I almost got struck by lightning three times.... and Suburban the best recording.....definitely real but REAL in capital letters.... yesterday we had a severe thunderstorm here where I live...and I didn't realize at first becuse I was listening to yours!!! Imagine how real it is that you don't see the difference when you hear a real one in your town!!! WOW....then when the ozone smell came into my room through the window i finally realized it was raining outside....then I compared every single thunder clap with yours....EQUALLY REAL....."

Martin Traid




"The thunderstorm recording is unbelievable. There are some points that actually scared me. Great."

Greg DeLaura

Wayne, NJ



"First I want to tell you how much I use the thunder and firework cd's of yours.  They are absolutely a must have for me. I am dog breeder and I use them to socialize my puppies. I start with them at a low volume, by the time the pups are 8 weeks they are listening to them at 'real' life volumes completely at ease.


Thank you for such a great product."

Cindy Martishius

President EMDAA



"thanks for the cd michael. it's money well spent. hearing thunder is a wonderful experience and your recording is the best i've heard on cd."


best regards,

Paul, from bonnie, scotland.



"This is the best thunderstorm CD I've ever heard. It has the loudest thunder! It is truly a severe thunderstorm in a box! You've really captured the perfect moment with this awesome recording.


Thanks for such a joyful, and exciting experience. I will recommend your company to everyone that I run into. Your products are simply and truly awesome!


I've heard other thunderstorm CD's in the past, but yours really knocks a real punch! Besides that, I hate all that piano music and other stuff that is traditionally added to most other thunderstorm CD's Those just don't sound natural at all, but yours does! That's because it is the real thing!


Who wants a computer generated thunderstorm anyway, not when you can order the real thing from your company. Talk about realism! Your thunderstorm CD is truly the ultimate experience....You got the storm from beginning to end. Wow! Amazing! Phenominal! Exciting, and truly wonderful!



Donald Brown

Extremely Satisfied Customer



"I just got the CD "Suburban Thunder" today, and I want to thank you.  This is exactly what I wanted to hear!  I was beginning to think I could never find a CD with the "right" thunderstorm sound.  But, this really sounds like the storm I wanted to hear again.  I am so happy with it I had to tell you thanks!  I was also surprised how quickly I got it.  Thank you, thank you, thank you ........."

K. Thomas

Albuquerque, NM


"[Suburban Thunder] brought me EXACTLY what I wanted and I'm soooooooo happy with my selection.  I love it so much, I fall asleep w/ my headphones on in bed within 5 minutes of listening to it.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  I'm a very satisfied customer. PS  I was surprised at how quickly it was shipped!"



"I just want to say that Suburban Thunder is really a masterpiece. I know that I will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you for delivering the CD so quickly."

Paula A. Roffe


"I love Suburban Thunder. It's a thunderstorm "up-close and personal". I play it over and over."

R. Tuttell

Jupiter, Florida


"I ordered the [Suburban Thunder] CD and I received it so quickly. I put it in to play, and I love it. It sounded as though you were right there in the thunderstorm. This is really wonderful."

Judy McCollough

Wichita Falls, Texas


"From the first thunder roll I was there. Superb recording."

Mel Carter

San Jose, California


"I recieved my 'Suburban thunder' CD today and I am really pleased. I was surprised at how quickly it arrived, and how easy it was to order.... The CD is fantastic, thank you so much.... "

Karen Sheppard

Oxford, UK


"I purchased several titles of thunderstorm recordings at local stores, but none compare to Suburban Thunder. I have finally stopped looking for that "real sounding" thunderstorm. Excellent!"

Gary Gutgsell



"So, many thanks for a truly mind-blowing recording!"

Jonathan P. Tyler

Suffolk, UK


"This is by far THE BEST sound CD I have ever heard. THANK YOU."

Eddie Zarzyczny

So. Amboy, New Jersey


"It is an awesome cd. You did a great job."

Leslie Lauman

Indianapolis, Indiana


"In my opinion this is the best Thunderstorm recording ever made."

Maarten Brandt

Arnhem, The Netherlands


"It's the best recording of a thunderstorm I've ever heard. Marvelous."

Larry Nelson

Santa Monica, California


"It is one of the best CD's I have. This is a real t-storm."

Jason J.

Terre Haute, Indiana


"I love Suburban Thunder very much. Excellent work!"

Terry Pallister

Meteorologist / Lightning Photographer

New Orleans, Louisiana


"Suburban Thunder is great!!! I'm happy that I have invested in such a quality recording."

Arlen Trichardt

London, England


"It is terrific - natural and real recording"

QD Mack

Mustang, Oklahoma



Katie Cooper

Sydney, Australia


"I am so pleased. This is just what I have been waiting to find for more than five years."

Brian Duty

Kansas City, Missouri


"Excellent recording; very realistic; fast shipping. Thanks."

Jim Jackson


"I bought [the] suburban thunder CD, and found it to be amazing."

Seth Henry

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